Bliss From Within - Sadhguru by Head Talks

Bliss From Within - Sadhguru

What you’ll learn

What if we were wrong all this time? What if our brains are not our greatest asset? That thinking has even become our main obstacle to happiness? Join us on this unique, uplifting journey with one of the world’s greatest living gurus. Don’t miss out on this exclusive chance to reset your mind and discover peace within.

These three masterclasses offer you:
  1. An exploration of Sadhguru’s personal journey and the fundamentals of his teachings.
  2. An historical perspective on the pursuit of happiness, including the role of technology and social media.
  3. A new perspective on depression and anxiety; their roots and possible cures.

You will gain:
  • A mind-changing experience
  • Some profound new insights on:
  • Your own mental health
  • The roots of depression and anxiety
  • Role of technology and social media
  • An uplifting new world view

More on Sadhguru
The Art of Living. Part yogi, part meditation master and definitely one of the most famous gurus on the planet, Sadhguru grew up a ‘fearless child’. His father worked for the Indian Railways and his family moved a lot. From early childhood Sadhguru had ‘a billion questions’, but couldn’t find anyone to ‘consult about life.’ Following a spiritual awakening in his twenties, Sadhguru set out on a journey to spread inner wellbeing.

Sadhguru, which means ‘one who is from within’, established the Isha Foundation, which grew into an international franchise with yoga centres the world over. He also joined the United Nations, helping fight climate change. Sadhguru is a rare and privileged joy to listen to. Suffused with calmness and humor, he will appeal to anyone who struggles with life, be it through mental illness or by just ‘having a billion questions’.

Course Outline:

Part 1 - Origins & Basic Philosophy
How did Sadhguru become Sadhguru? This segment deals with Sadhguru’s path to guru-hood. He introduces us to his core teachings, and explains why we humans find it so hard to achieve happiness.

Part 2 - Staying Sane in a Mad World
As Sadhguru delves deeper into his teachings, he talks about social stress factors, such as technology and social media, and provides some surprising insights.

Part 3 - Depression & Anxiety
Is mental ill health really preventable; can depression and anxiety be cured without medication? Sadhguru answers these questions and more, in his wise, inimitable way.

What's included?

Video Icon 3 videos


Sadhguru PART 1 - Origins & Basic Philosophy
8 mins
Sadhguru PART 2 - Staying Sane in a Mad World
6 mins
Sadhguru PART 3 - Depression and Anxiety
12 mins

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