How To Make Kindness Matter At Work by Head Talks

How To Make Kindness Matter At Work

How To Make Kindness Matter At Work

Are you aware that: 
  • more than 50% of employees feel unfulfilled in their jobs? 
  • 1 in 4 people in Europe and the USA will experience mental health problems at some point in their lives?
Did you know that kindness at work helps to: 
  • lower the costs of stress-related illnesses and absenteeism? 
  • increases the likelihood of the workforce being loyal and engaged?  

Rather than being a soft skill or an optional extra, it is a vital component of any organisation striving to be both productive and committed to staff wellbeing.

What you will learn on this online workshop:
  • why kindness at work matters;
  • how habits work and how to change them;
  • how you have all the raw materials for kindness already;
  • the importance of mental training;
  • how easy it is to cause harm at work;
  • the importance of kindness for yourself;
  • how being kind to others helps you too;
  • how much we have in common as human beings;
  • the power of empathy and how it can be undermined;
  • the powerful effects of positive emotions;
  • how to encourage kindness in your own work set-up.

What you will find in this online workshop:
  • a clear pathway to developing kindness in yourself and applying it in your workplace;
  • explanations of the main principles and techniques involved;
  • scientific research that backs up the work we do on the course;
  • a carefully chosen selection of videos;
  • exercises to try for yourself;
  • extra resources to enjoy at your leisure;
  • a selection of Head Talks relevant to the topics we cover;
  • downloads of the main exercises so you can carry them with you as reminders.

How the online workshop works:
  • The workshop lasts for 1 week.
  • Each day of the week you will receive a new section of the workshop to work on.
  • You will need between 30 mins and an hour each day to go through the materials.
  • You can post questions and comments as you wish.
  • The materials are available for you once you have purchased the course and you can go back and review them at any time. 

A Head Talks in-house wellbeing counsellor will be available to read your comments, and answer your questions.
We're looking forward to exploring these materials with you!
There are two ways to take this online workshop:
1.    As an individual (course price £22.00)
2.    As a work team: 
  • A team of 2 to 5 members (course price £45.00)
  • A team of more than 5 members (course price £90.00)
In order to access the workshop as a team please send an email to  to receive the required number of course passes.
Head Talks is a non-profit community company. The money we raise goes back into producing the resources and content to serve our community both on and off line.

On completion of this online workshop, we would be delighted to offer you access to a further Masterclass or online workshop - for free. We will be in touch once you have completed the online workshop to offer you a discount code. 

This online workshop is licensed to Head Talks by Awareness in Action.

What's included?

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DAY 1: Making Kindness a Habit
How The Course Works
Why Kindness at Work Matters
How Habits Work
Accessing Kindness in Yourself
ACTION: Paying Attention
Some Science That Backs This Up
Some Resources for When You Have the Time
DAY 2: Making a Start
We All Have the Raw Materials for Kindness
The Importance of Training the Mind
ACTION : Trying Not to Cause Harm
The Brain and Compassion
Some Resources for When You Have the Time
DAY 3: Noticing What is Going On
Kindness For Yourself
Wishing People Happiness
ACTION: Building Trust
The Tend and Befriend Response to Stress
Some Resources for When You Have the Time
DAY 4: Looking Beneath the Surface
Seeing Other People As Just Like You
Learning To Put Yourself In Another Person's Shoes
How Empathy Helps
Getting Past The Barriers
Some Resources for When You Have the Time
DAY 5: The Power of Positive Emotions
The Science Of Positive Emotion
How To Really Listen
ACTION: Practice Courtesy At Work
Some Resources for When You Have the Time
DAY 6: Unlimited Kindness
How Does This Work?
A Practice to Work With Suffering
ACTION: Ubuntu
Some Resources for When You Have the Time
DAY 7: Your Work Set Up
What Role Does Kindness Play In Your Workplace?
How Would A Kinder Workplace Be?
ACTION: Approaching Your Management Team
Your Stories of Kindness and Unkindness At Work
Some Resources for When You Have the Time
Next Steps
How To Continue
A Review of the Practices and Exercises
More Resources From Head Talks
A Few Books That Might Be of Interest
Your Feedback
We All Need Balance
Doctor, Heal Thyself
Lighting Up Our Working Lives
The Four Pillars Of Wellbeing
Finding The Answers Inside Yourself
Downloads for the course
Simple Meditation—guided practice
4 mins
Loving Kindness Meditation
1.05 MB
Loving Kindness Meditation—guided practice
6 mins
Just Like Me—reflection
261 KB
Towards a more compassionate workplace in the events and hospitality sector.pdf
731 KB
Tonglen Meditation
1.7 MB
Tonglen Meditation—guided
5 mins