How to cope with your family's isolation by Head Talks

How to cope with your family's isolation

We are all finding ourselves in unknown territory as a result of the coronavirus. Each of us is struggling to find a way to manage the situation—to take care of our families and to take care of ourselves.

This online package, How to Cope with Your Family’s Isolation is designed to help with settling into this new routine. We don’t know how long this will last and in the meantime, we need to care for our mental health and that of our children. 

The package covers 7 main areas of concern:
  • coming together as a family
  • making a plan
  • dealing with anxiety
  • caring for our community
  • gratitude
  • conflict
  • self-kindness. 

Each section includes videos, guidelines, meditations and resources.

There is a specially created Facebook Group where people going through the package can meet, share and get more resources.

Head Talks is offering this package for free to enable as many people as possible to access it. We hope it will be useful.

Designed for Head Talks by Maureen Cooper at Awareness in Action

Overall—really useful but also heartwarming!

What's included?

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How to cope with your family's isolation
2. Take some time for gratitude
Why gratitude is important
How to Clear Your Head
HEAD TALKS to help with this topic
Initiatives to be grateful for in the current crisis
Toilet Papers Challenge | Messi , Busquets , Vidal
People of Amsterdam applauding healthcare workers during COVID-19 pandemic
3. Hold family meetings
Why are family meetings important?
Here are a few tips on how to hold family meetings
Challenge: what have I achieved today?
Worksheet to help you see what you achieved each day
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4. Practice self-kindness
The importance of self-kindness
HEAD TALKS to help with this topic
Taking a self-compassion moment
Doing Loving Kindness Meditation for yourself
5. Working with fear and anxiety
What you will find in this section
A perspective on anxiety
Tips for managing your mental health in current times
HEAD TALKS to help with this topic
Managing-Anxiety: a helpful table
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Breathing Butterfly in English from The Elfenworks Foundation – follow along and feel better!
Now This - Coronavirus.mp4
2 mins
Washing Your Hands For Love
Grandpa Tom meets his Parts
Some resources
6. Nurture your community
How can we nurture our community when we are in lockdown?
HEAD TALKS to help with this topic
Loving Kindness meditation.png
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Lovingkindness Meditation
BBC News The Sofa Singers - March 18th
From us, for you.
In Florence Italian tenor Maurizio Marchini Singing In His Balcony During Lockdown
Magical Quests online party
7. Coping with disagreements
Some points to bear in mind around disagreements
HEAD TALKS to help with this topic
A meditation to do when you've had an argument
One way to help children resolve a disagreement
Star Listener Badge
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Speak From Your Heart badge
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Empathy games to play with children
8. Make a programme
Why have a daily schedule?
Having a daily schedule
How to help your children through the crisis
Start and end the day with meditation
The Corona Virus Song (**wash ur hands)
Home Workout w/Kids: Surviving The Lockdown (Ember Swift & Kids)
A Lockdown Workout
Kids exercising video during lockdown
Announcing "P.E with Joe" | Daily LIVE workouts for kids | The Body Coach
Some resources that you might find useful
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