Incredibly Human – Writer Elif Shafak on Postnatal Depression and How to Heal (the World!) by Head Talks

Incredibly Human – Writer Elif Shafak on Postnatal Depression and How to Heal (the World!)

Writing against Anxiety

Can words heal? Definitely, says Elif Shafak. Join this acclaimed British-Turkish author on a whirling journey to discover the power of the written word. Storytelling has never been more important. A beautiful lift for budding writers and worried souls.
These three masterclasses explain:
  1. Finding her voice. Why did Shafak become a writer; what hurdles did she overcome? And why is writing so vital for young people?
  2. Postnatal depression. Shafak describes how periods of mental ill health became ‘golden opportunities’.
  3.  The art of storytelling. What makes storytelling so relevant, especially now? Do we still need spirituality in this era of social media?

You will gain:
  • Writing tips
  • How writing can help against: Anxiety, (Postnatal) depression, Alienation, Culturally-based sexism
  •  An unique view on the importance of storytelling
  • An uplifting insight into the human soul
  • Inspiration to start writing!

More on Elif Shafak
Born in France to Turkish parents, Elif was brought up in Ankara by her mother and
grandmother. She started writing at a young age to dispel the loneliness and boredom of life as an only child and to make sense of her cross-cultural world. As an adult Elif pursued an academic career (she is a lecturer in Political Science) and became an outspoken activist for female rights, especially in her home country Turkey. She suffered from ‘seasons of depression and anxiety’, including postnatal depression. Elif is a sought-after speaker and currently lives in London with her family. Voted by Politico as one of twelve people ‘who will give you a much needed lift of the heart’, Elif is best known as a novelist, writing in both Turkish and English.

What's included?

Video Icon 3 videos


Elif Shafak PART 1 - Finding your voice
9 mins
Elif Shafak PART 2 - Golden Opportunity
13 mins
Elif Shafak PART 3 - The Art of Storytelling
10 mins

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