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Dr Rangan Chatterjee

New Medicine

Tired of explaining yourself to your doctor? Is your treatment not going anywhere? Enter
Dr Rangan Chatterjee. His progessive method integrates treatment with lifestyle and
hands us powerful tools to radically improve our mental wellbeing. A must-see for

These three Masterclasses offer you:

  1.  An exclusive insight into Dr Rangan’s road from general to holistic medicine
  2. Top tips on how to achieve maximum mental wellbeing through simple lifestyle interventions
  3. Separate mental health advice for children and teenagers

You will gain:

  • A practical and simple guide to mental health, including:
  • Nutritional advice
  • Exercises
  • Tips on how to communicate with your doctor
  • Tools on how to help children and teenagers
  • Relevant links to the latest research and other useful information

More on Dr Rangan:

Pioneer of Progressive Medicine. Doctor Rangan Chatterjee is passionate. Passionate about spreading his message that even with small changes we can radically improve our physical and
(more strikingly) our mental health. ‘Doctors always put lifestyle in the prevention bracket. But that is not strictly accurate. You can also use it as a treatment.’

Born of Indian immigrants to the UK, Dr Rangan was raised in a medical family. He graduated from medical school, but soon grew frustrated with what he describes as a narrow, overly medicated approach to healthcare. Rangan developed a new, holistic method. With books and regular TV and radio appearances, he now is one of the world’s most famous physicians. In addition, Dr Rangan runs the UK’s first, fully accredited course for GPs, Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine.

What's included?

Video Icon 3 videos


Dr Rangan PART 1 - Holistic: How science met wellbeing
Holistic: How science met wellness.mp4
11 mins
Dr Rangan PART 2- What he has learnt from his patients
What he has learnt from his patients.mp4
18 mins
Dr Rangan PART 3- Advice for teenagers and parents
Advice for teenagers and parents.mp4
9 mins

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