We start off with a GOOD NEWS section to set the tone for the package. You'll find that some of the topic sections start with some short videos for inspiration too!

Then, in order to explore the topic of resilience, we have focus on 5 main areas:

IT'S NOT JUST YOU—LIFE IS HARD looks into the ups and downs of life

STRESS IS PART OF LIFE goes into how stress works and how it affects us

SELF-COMPASSION emphasises the importance of caring for yourself as you go through hard times

COMING TO KNOW YOUR OWN MIND THROUGH MEDITATION shows how meditation is way of working to build resilience

CARING FOR OTHERS HELPS TOO points out that opening our hearts to others can help with our own difficulties.

At the end of the package is a section of resources for children and teens working with these issues.

Each topic is divided up into three questions:

  • What Are We Dealing With? Looking into all the elements of the topic

  • What Habits Do we Bring? Exploring the way we respond 

  • So, What Can We Do? Some suggestions, and exercises to try to help build resilience

Then there is a section Find Out More for those of you who would like to go further.

It's up to you how you want to work with the materials
Some people like to go from topic to topic, others like to look around to find where their main interest is.

Hi there!
My name is
Maureen Cooper and I am an in-house wellbeing counsellor at Head Talks. I've been meditating for over thirty years and leading training and workshops for most of that time. If you want to post questions, or comments then it would be great to hear from you. I'm here as a resource for you as you go through the toolkit.
Looking forward to it!

Building Resilience To Deal With Hard Times

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