Although we long for peace and security, experience shows us that life is not always easy and frequently unpredictable.

We grow up, get educated, find a job, and seek relationships all in the hope of finding the happiness that we wish for. Yet all along the way we can encounter difficulties—our job turns out to be less than we hoped for, we can't find a partner to share our lives with, we worry about money.

On top of that, every day we need to deal with the endless round of routine things we need to see to and take care of—shopping, cooking, cleaning, washing up—sometimes it can seem endless.

Even when we have something going on that we enjoy, all too often it is undermined by a nagging sense that it won't last, or that something will go wrong.

We know that everything changes and that nothing lasts for ever and yet we wish it were not so. We would like to be able to hold on to the things that matter to us, and to somehow put ourselves in the driver's seat.

Perhaps for periods of our lives things do go according to plan but then suddenly, in a space of a moment, things can change. We may suddenly be made redundant, have a health crisis, or lose a loved one.

Building resilience is the process by which we learn to navigate our hurdles—the small, everyday ones as well as the life-changing ones.

If you watch the two short video clips that begin this section, you can see that the more we learn to accept that adversity happens, along with working with our minds, the more our resilience increases.

Building Resilience To Deal With Hard Times

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